Worms 4 Mayhem



Anyone have any luck getting this one to work as a backup?

Hate having to use the original disk.

I tried using starfuck and daemon tools, no go.


You have to unplug physically your cd/dvd drives and insert a backup in an usb2-drive.

This one works for me. Starforce reactivate drives if you deactivate them via bios, starfuck or starforce nightmare.


Would it be possible to run the game using Daemon to check if it works or not? i have lost many cd’s trying to copy games onto them and since they become unusable.


Daemon tools does not yet support StarForce 3. DT V4 intents to tho.



what about alcohol 120?


It does not support Starforce 3. Daemon Tools has licenced there virtual drives to Alcohol Soft. If Daemon Tools is out, a new Alcohol is not far away.


hm… confusing. i thought by unplugging the hard drives i would be able to start it, but i seem to be doing something wrong, or simply the protection could not be overcome. anyway if anyone finds a solution to this plz help


You have to unplug your IDE-drives (CD and DVD) and not your hard drives.


Say hello to new SF :slight_smile: I think Codemasters have partnership with Sf team.
I hope that USB drive is only one work solution, until we have newest D-Tools V4 (i cant wait!!!) :wink:


i’m sorry i meant the ide drives not the hard drives… anyway any word on when d-tools 4 r comin’ out?


When its done.


Could someone please tell when it’s going to be released???


Like Blazkowicz said, when its ready. And dont spam them or us asking when 'cos they will just ignore you!



yeah… I meant when it’s ready becouse I don’t know where to look for it


btw - this version of SF offical support Windows XP x64


this game can’t be cracked?how?


dunno… but I hope it’ll be soon…or I don’t actually care how, but I want it to work


Please help me!!!
For some reason, my computer doesn’t open my CD’s… When I put them inside, nothing happens… Not even via My Computer…I think it’s propably becouse of Starfuck that I tested…please help!!!



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Oh and BTW Daemon Tools 3.47 runs the game fine