Worm turned claim spurned

I just posted the article Worm turned claim spurned.

The viruse`s start to look like the comercials NEW AND IMPROVED now we have the Nimda.e.

Antivirus companies have warned that the Nimda worm has not yet turned and is still biting networks almost…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2721-Worm-turned-claim-spurned.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2721-Worm-turned-claim-spurned.html)

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They must hang those responsible! :frowning:

Oh c’mon that’s silly. I mean if you don’t start every program you find, and you don’t use Outlook then you’re perfectly safe… I mean I haven’t used a virus scanner in 5 years and I’m still clean :slight_smile: So kick the users that bring it onto themselves would be a more reasonable statement.

If it wasn’t for those $(@#* viruswriters, we wouldn’t have to be so carefull. But I agree, if you are carefull and use comon sense, you wont need an antivirus program.

You probely dont know that you can get infected by only visiting a website few days back my avp went nuts when i whas visiting a site trough a news portal i got infected with js seeker a java script worm. I also got infected before with trojans by just simple visiting websites.

my thanks goes out to whoever made this virus. i’m making some serius DOE by un-infecting systems. i find that it’s the stupid people that have biggest problems. “i saw this computer on an infomercial and bought it”. what ever.

This worm is stupid, I call it NAMBLA. Got it on the Exchange Server at my high school and it quikly spread throughout all the PC labs in the building. It was a bitch to get rid of.

Virus writers are smart, and usually genius in security field. But, they waste the precious time that can be used for other good thing instead of destructions. I say, shoot them all and send them to hell. Writing virus is not helping everyone here in the world. Get a life, fuckers!

I think the Anti-Virus Programs people write a lot of viruses. That way they’ll sell more of their stuff. If this was true now that would just suck. :frowning:

hey dude, anti-virus writers DO WRITE VIRUSES and it does suck! About 2 years ago, Kaspersky was investigated and caught for making viruses and then the remedies themselves!

Bin Laden did it! Let’s nuke afghanistan! Oh wait, we are. Let’s bomb it more then!

When I get a virus. I see it as its time to do Spring Cleaning on my computer. So I call forth the hand of God Formatomus’. :4