Worldwide Warez hunt nets first conviction

I just posted the article Worldwide Warez hunt nets first conviction.

 GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us that the American  government has won its first conviction against software pirates through its  Operation Fastlink program. The Fastlink program is...
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Again, major pirates SELLING pirate stuff geting sued, but the person who downloads music, games, software and movies for personal use is still pretty safe. Its the mass uploaders and distributors they want. Ben :slight_smile:

They are after ALL the pirates mate. not just the big boys, your ip address is all they need to find you. moveis for personal use is piracy you didnt pay for it.

But without the uploaders there’s nothing to download :smiley:

anybody have an idea what the total for the net per year is i mean what people pay their isp’s cos pretty soon there will be nowt left to download and every body will go to the lowest possible package wonder who they will want to sue for that then ? :S they just too greedy they say they lost ex amount on piracy but they never seem to boast the amount of prophit they have made, also people in other areas of idustrey will suffer such as disk manufactureres paper ink printers dvd players tv … cos pretty soon consumers (the real power will wake up ) and then they will get a shock :+

I’ve lost hope on consumers waking up. I think they will only adjust to the changes and continue consuming. I can’t believe this guy could get 15 YEARS in prison. About 15 months would be much more fair I think. Punishments don’t fit crimes any more in most cases it seems. I mean, when this guy could get the same sentence drug traffickers and murderers get, something is very wrong. Just goes to show where the priorities are.

Screw them all, Download your brains. Bit Torrent lives:)

I wish the United States Government Law Enforcement Agencies would focus all the energy and resources they fritter away on this type of boondoggle and focus on ensuring that the American Tax paying citizens boarders and Airlines are safe from terrorist attacks. I feel so much safer now that the Feds have convicted Mr. Jathan Desir for making copies of DVDs!

Law enforcement agencies must enforce all laws equally otherwise it would undermine society as a whole. Besides, if they weren’t after us it wouldn’t be any fun :stuck_out_tongue:

“Looks like America wont worry about borders when it comes to nabbing software pirates”… Borders ??..ees no borders…we got no borders!!..we don need no stinkin’ borders…:X