WorldWide FIRST! Ricoh MP7200A IDE CDR-W

I just posted the article WorldWide FIRST! Ricoh MP7200A IDE CDR-W.

Ricoh is the first manufacturer that ships an ultra high-speed recorder in the market: MP7200A.

The drive supports 20x Z-CLV writing speed, 10x re-writing and 40x reading. The drive’s overall…

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mmmh I dont like ricoh that much..the ricoh cdrs suck…I don`t know about their drives…

I had a Ricoh MP6200 SCSI. The best thing I found was a nice designed front plate and a smooth gliding tray. Plextor may be excellent drive, but it’s ejecting tray comes out rough and cheap.

hi m8, isnt all about the sound and speed the drive comes out LOL. i got 2 burners 1 safedisc 2 compatible 4x4x32 (teac cd-w54e) and my plextor 12x10x32 ide. i aint bothered about the speed of opening more about whether these 20x + drives are safedisc 2 compatible ! :slight_smile:

How bout how many CD’s can you burn before the drive breaks!? :wink:

Yeah, the Ricoh CD’s suck, but their drives are (in my opinion) good. I just recently bought the Ricoh 7125a and think it’s great! 4