Worlds first CD cloning machine

I just posted the article Worlds first CD cloning machine.

O’DIXION is announcing the world’s first CD cloning machine.
Seems to be really handy if you need to back-up a lot, on an easy way…

Reproduce integrally the recorded data and top surface…

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Damn, this thing looks cool!

At my dad’s work, they also used to have these machines. Too bad it wasn’t compatible with 80 minutes discs

haha let the lawyers start sueing and let the burners burn cd’s by the time its illegal well hopefully have bought a lot of em this is the stuff were all dreaming of
greetz DrNo

but what you do have now is that newbies who never burned anything will massivly use tht stuff and sell without any brains

And the cost of this machine is?!

That’s very old news I saw those machines on cebit 2000

They are quite expensive

I hate hardware that can’t be located. hell if google doesn’t have ad words out for it and can’t locate a single source for where it is ,why are we talking about it ???

Maybe Toshiba, et al, are throwing in the towel by failing to deliver HD-DVD burners. Perhaps Blu-Ray is the default winner of the format war.

Lets hope that HD-DVD will come soon, I am just waiting for a company to put out a cheap and great HD-DVD burner. And prices to fall on media. But we will have to wait and see. I don’t like blu-ray but I am not buying anything before I know what format will be standard.

Well you just have to think, maybe HD-DVD is smart for not releasing a burner just yet. I can almost guarantee that Blu-ray sales will drop a lot with more and more people downloading movies, and now that they can burn them… So who knows, maybe HD-DVD will get to the top, then release the burner.

The whole idea that people will not pirate movies if there is no way to write them to optical media is a falsity best. Both BD and HDD can both be ripped and streamed to media players, ps3 or 360. There are only a few reasons the HDDVD drives have not gone to market. Either the owner of the HDDVD writer patent wants the format to fail, the technology isn’t reliable, or there are some dumb ass uneducated bureaucrats are keeping it from hitting the streets.