World's first 6x write-once Blu-ray disc

[LEFT]Panasonic just announced the world’s first write-once Blu-ray disc with 6x writing speed. After announcing the first dual-layer 1x BD-RE Blu-ray disc in 2004, the company exceeds itself again in 2008 with the new 6x disc.

With more and more companies saying consumer demand is changing, now Panasonic also believes today’s tech-savvy customer wants to store lots of content as fast as possible. And fast it is, the new 6x discs have a maximum data transfer speed of 216Mbps, which is 20% faster than that of 16x DVD-R discs. Besides its high capacity and speed the discs have a wide power margin at any writing speed which enables high-quality recording even when the drive’s laser power fluctuates, says Panasonic.

By July the new discs will be available in Japan in both 25GB and 50GB capacities, but nothing is said about the prices.


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