World's biggest Potter bootleg factory smashed

I just posted the article World’s biggest Potter bootleg factory smashed.

Two men aged 39 and 19 were busted in a raid on a huge Harry Potter pirate video factory. The police found a total of 45 video recorders - capable of churning out 10,000 films a week.

The raid…

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piracy is ok. but not when you try to make money out of it! The only reason why i use illegal software, musiv, divx, … because i don’t have the money to buy them.

I totally agree with Dawn; There is no excuse that justifies pirating, every one that copies copyrighted work is a pirate. But I dont think that makes one also a criminal, as long as you dont make profite out of pirating, like selling it or use it to make profits (ex. companies that use pirated software)

(probably not making myself popular here with this :wink: ) Having a copy of something you have no original of (no license of) is illegal. It is that simple. But I can very well imagine that certain things are not worth buying. When a software application costs $1,000 and you do not plan on using it more than one time (for testing or one little project), it is very understandable you will not buy it. But we all know that this is hardly the case. Most people I know that download stuff (be it MP3, software or movies) do so for personal gain (selling it to friends, family and/or collegues). The larger the ‘business’ made out of it, the more severe it should be punished. In this case it was more than fair they got busted and I hope they will be punished according their crime.

Alright Geezerz ! I personally wreckon dat using bits and pieces of software, here and there 4 ya own personal use is ok - cos I’d learn to live wiv not having it anyway if I couldn’t get it (similar to MP3z too) So in da long run - itz no skin of their noses, they can kick off about it and get stroppy, but who cares and wot point would it have once da dust settles. BUT - dis kinda main stream hardcore pirating iz simply fuckin’ evil. The pirates are greedier twatz than da original geezers producing it, ie - Da Harry Potter shite or god-fuckin-forbid, da N’Sync kinda shite. Dis kinda piracy will just kill everyfing and send us back to tha caves ! Laterz … . :4

I agree, downloading it for personal use is bad and you should get your hand smacked (I do it anyway) but people who try to make money by selling illegal stuff really are scum. They dont do any work and they’re trying to make money off of other people’s hard work.

Why do I copy and freeload illegaly? Let me explain My dad does not let me spend any of my money on entertainment, not a single penny!!! He is very conservative about spending money. When he bought me a DC, it had no games, he bought me a DC-PC cable from Lik-Sang and threw the tutorial pages at me, “I WANT TO SEE RESULTS!” I guess the only original copy I have on PC is “Who wants to be a Millionare 2nd” which my sister bought for $8.

Illegal software can only be a good thing why? A: i stops software companies from driving up prices as more people would turn to illegal copies. B:it keeps the hardware manafacture side of technology with pleanty of customers as im sure with the majority of people myself for one would not own a pc or psx or dc as software prices are to high (does anyone think that half as much hardware would would have been had it not been for piracy?)and anyway if there was that much concearn why do some of the big companies that produce software or put it out under there name produce blank cds etc? because they are making more money rfom selling the hardware and the media than the software. perhaps it should be hardware companies that subsidise the software comapnies to give us affordible software. now to say that software companies are losing money is not that simple you have to ask your self, if i could not get this piece of software illegaly would i buy it from the shelf, and i bet the answer 90 percent of the time is NO so that leaves only 10 percent which the software companies are loosing. how many psx units were sold untill the mod chip came along? how many dc were sold untill the boot cd came along? it makes you wonder whom is actually sewing the seed of these piracy devices? i know if i was producing a console that wasnt selling because of anti copy protection what would be my next coarse of action, of couarse making it look like it wasnt my company producing the device… so basicly if it wasnt for piracy the hardware companies would struggle and therefore the software companies would sell even less software…

:wink: I just did some calculating: 10.000 video’s a week with 45 VCR’s means that they have to spit out 1.3 movies an hour. Quit impossible…