World’s First Conviction for Removing Information from DVD

A Georgia man is facing the prospect of years in prison and fines of $750,000 after he admitted being involved in the ‘camming’ of movies and removing ‘copyright management information’ from DVDs. The cost of removing management information from a DVD in the US? 5 years in prison, 2 more than for camming movies.


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I’m sure he knew he was doing the wrong thing, even if … Punishment is still to be decided for removing the copyright notices.

The title may appear slightly misleading, as to make someone believe one single user got burned for making an extra copy in the privacy of one’s own home. That didn’t happen here; in fact this was an organized operation, where this guy had other ‘grunts’ taping theatrical releases, then he organized the distribution. This is newsworthy to be sure, but this is about an obviously commerical op, not someone creating a backup of a movie-store rental.