World Jump Day

Today (Thursday 20th July) is world jump day so… er… get jumping

how high

You’ll know…

The trouble with doing nothing, is that you can’t tell when you’re finished…/.

I was gonna jump but i don’t know which time zone i’m in :o

Yes I can I was finished before I started

OK I’m jumping.
Not physically I mean - I’m jumping to conclusions, which is also a kind of jumping.

My jumping results in me thinking that this is some sorta scheme intended to make everyone on the planet jump at the same time, thus sending the earth hurtling out of its orbit around the sun, and we’ll go on a journey like the people on moonbase Alpha in Space 1999.

I could have looked through that site or searched the Internet to find out what World Jump Day is really about, but it’s more fun and less work jumping to conclusions! :stuck_out_tongue: