Working with subtitles in ConvertXtoHD



I read Kerry56’s review of ConvertXtoHD and thought I’d give it a try. The last couple of days I’ve been trying to make a Bluray copy of The Tourist and the subtitle situation was driving me nuts. Normally with DVD’s I hardcode the subtitles for the foreign language parts, but haven’t been able to figure out a relatively simple\easy way to do it with Bluray’s. Anyway, I got the movie onto my hard drive in m2ts, did some minor editing with VideoReDo, and then went to work with the subtitles. I had cleaned up the subtitles and had srt’s for both the foreign language parts and the full subtitles.

First time around I used TSMuxer to put the movie and the srt’s I wanted to use together in a BDMV folder. I then demuxed the subtitles back out, again with TSMuxer. I then used BDSup2Sub to flag the foreign language translations as the forced subs, and also repositioned the subs within the movie screen. I like the subs to appear within the movie frame and not in the black border at the bottom. I was then able to put the video and subs back together with TSMuxer and after a few minutes was able to burn the movie to a BD-R.

After going through that whole process (and there was quite a learning curve for me) I then saw something on the net about ConvertXtoHD. I came to this site and found Kerry56’s review, but he didn’t seem too impressed with the program. I thought I’d give it a try anyway, and was quite pleased with the results. The edited m2ts file I had was about 20 gigs in size. I loaded the file in ConvertXtoHD, and changed a couple of settings dealing with the subtitles. I like that in this program you can set one of the subtitle tracks to be a forced track. Also it is very easy to adjust the position of the subtitles within the screen area. Once I had things set the way I wanted them, I clicked the convert button and in a little over an hour and a half, I had the BDMV folder ready to burn onto a disc.

The program is slower than using TSMuxer and the other programs, but from my point of view it was a lot easier to use. With the other programs most things were pretty much trial and error and I couldn’t be sure that things were the way that wanted them until after the whole process had run. With ConvertXtoHD, it lays everything out for you and you can preview it all before you run the actual conversion. I was also very satisfied with the end result. The m2ts file in the final conversion was almost 23 gigs. I’m nowhere near as accomplished as a lot of you on this forum, but I think the end result looks great on my 55 inch flat screen TV. (And the CINAVIA was not a problem at all thanks to a program that most of you on this forum and others apparently detest. Not trying to stir anything up on that point but I think it works fine.)

Thanks to all you guys on this forum for all the advice and info provided over the last few years. Rick,


As soon as I submitted my original posting, I took another look at ConvertXtoDVD. I was not aware that it could do the same thing with DVD subtitles that ConvertXtoHD can do for Bluray subs. Another one of those “if I had only known,” things. Rick,