Working with programs and video on separate HD's

I recently purchased hardware called “ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link” to capture my analog (vhs and 8mm tapes) video so I could edit the video then burn it to DVD.

The Pyro A/V Link came with Adobe Premiere Elements version 1.0 which is used to capture, edit, and send the finished video to my DVD burner.

I installed program software (Adobe Premiere Elements) on my master drive (HD 1) before thinking anything about how I would need to use a larger drive to store my saved video. My master drive is only 40 GB and is nearly full already. My new slave is 250GB (only 137GB until I determine how to partition it so I can use the entire 250GB).

By the way, both drives are internal and I have Windows XP Home Edition.

Now to my question. Is there a way for me to save my captured video to my slave drive and still call it up into the program software on my primary drive so I can work with it (edit it and send it to my internal dvd burner)?

[b]I guesss the bottom line is: will I have problems accessing the captured video if it’s on a different drive different from the program software? If so, what can I do to resolve my problem? Can the program software be installed on the slave drive?

Downloaded video uses lots and lots of hard drive space and I need to keep it all of on my slave drive if at all possible. If not, I’ll be extremely limited on the size of my captured video…plus this arrangement won’t work because my tapes are long and will require more space than my master drive has available (only 4.5GB left).

I’m told that 1 hour of downloaded video uses about 13GB of memory on a HD…and I have lots of video to download from my old tapes. And, it all has to be edited with the Adobe Premiere software before being sent to the DVD burner. [/b]

[b]My new 250 GB drive was intended to be used primarily for downloaded video.

Right now I have about 6GB of downloaded video on HD 1 that I’d like to move to HD 2. [/b]

[b]If this will work (having the editing software on one drive and the video that needs to be edited on another drive) will it be easy for me to move the 6 GB file (my first captured video project) of video from HD 1 to HD 2? What would be the easiest and safest way to do this?

My goal is to keep all of my downloaded video on the slave drive. [/b]

Hope this makes sense. Sure would appreciate your help with my project.

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(only 137GB until I determine how to partition it so I can use the entire 250GB).

Visit your drive manufacture site and get the install driver.

Read this. It’s for Seagate drives but will give you an idea what your looking for for maximum data size. Yours would be the first option (only seeing 137 gig)

Cut your large drive in two. Like D: and E: so you wont loose it all if something happens. Keeping a large drive in one big chunk is just asking for trouble down the line. My OS is on 60 gig of a 200 gig drive. If I have to do something with the OS it will not effect the rest of the drive.

There is a setting in elements (preferences or options), where you can determine which drive and folder you want to use for saving files to.

Harley, that is great news…I hope I can find where I can do that. That would answer my question…I believe. You’re the one who uses Pyro Link aren’t you? If so, I’ll probably be back to you with more questions as I get into the project more. Boy is that tutorial hard to follow…I believe it’s based on a newer version (2.0) of Premiere Elements. Thanks again and wish me luck.

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