Working with ISO files

I do have a question, and that’s the reason I came back to the forum, hoping this time to stay and be more active.

Situation: I have a lot of ISO files that contain, in the majority, the same files. For easier understanding, imagine a Microsoft Technet/MSDN subscription, where you get most of Microsoft software in ISO format.
As you may know, most of the ISOs for a particular Microsoft software (i.e. Windows 7, Office 2007, etc) contain the same files, but differ only in a couple of configuration files, specific for each edition of that particular version.
I was able to find a way (probably known to most people in the forum) to create a single disc that will contain many editions (the known All-in-one).

If we take into consideration all the file redundancy, all original ISO files take too much space in my HDD. I am planning to delete these once I finish creating and testing the All-in-one compilations I’m making; however…
In case I want to get the original ISO files again in the future, I don’t want to go through the hassle of downloading every single one of them (especially since I’m limited to 1 transfer at a time). I’d like to be able to recreate these from the All-in-one discs I’m making, BUT… as equal to the original ISO as possible (keeping all files in the exact order, LBA, etc.).

Finally, here’s my question:
Is there a software that will allow me to “extract” the files index, including TOC, LBA, etc from each ISO file, save it, then use it later to create the original ISO file (as long as I have the said files from the original ISO)?

Sorry for the long explanation, I thought it easier to understand if I explained the situation.

Thanks in advance.

Is there a reason not to burn each ISO file to a blank dvd? You could save it exactly as the original when going to a disk.

ImgBurn is a good program for burning ISO files. Free to use.

I don’t have an answer for your question though. Wait a bit, and I’m sure someone else will chip in with some help.

Thanks for moving the question to a new thread and for your quick reply Kerry56.

I did burn some of the ISO files, the ones I considered most important and/or useful; however if I was to burn all ISO files to DVD, it would take over 100 DVDs… and I don’t have the time to do it, nor the will to be honest.

I already use Imgburn, and it’s great; honestly I haven’t found a better software for burning ISO files.
But this time, I’m just looking for something as I mentioned in my original post.

I am wondering if something like Goldenhawk’s CDRWin has such option… I remember using it a long time ago and it had lots of advanced options I didn’t know what these were for.

Just to clarify: I want to be able to recreate the original ISO (1:1, so to say) by using the files it contains and a file that will tell the software (I’m looking for) how to put these together (kind of like a CUE file) so the result is the original ISO (from which I extracted this file).
It’s hard to explain… or maybe I’m just way too tired… I’ll go get some sleep.








Although I find your answer incomplete, I must say it is my fault for only asking for the name of the software that would do what I want.

I checked all 3 suggestions, which by the way I already knew, and couldn’t find an option to do what I want anywhere. I’ve been going through the menus of all three and can’t seem to find it. Either it is very well hidden, or my request wasn’t clear (which is likely :confused:)

Would you mind explaining how to do it? (No need for a complete tutorial, but at least how to get to the feature I want)

Just in case I’ll try to explain my request a little better:
I have some All-in-one ISO files that I created myself from many ISO files. As an example one is for Windows 7, another one is for Office 2007, each containing all editions of the software.
Since the original ISO files take a lot of HDD space, I’d like to delete them; however if I ever need them I don’t want to have to download these again.
If I extract the contents of my All-in-one disc to a folder in my HDD, I can recreate the original ISO, but cannot recreate it exactly as it was (a MD5/SHA-1 checksum gives a different result).
Is there a way for me to “[I]process[/I]”* the original ISO file to extract the “[I]index[/I]”* of it (where it says the order of the files, TOC, LBA and any additional information that cannot be seen directly through a file explorer) and then use it in the future along with the extracted files from my all-in-one to recreate the original ISO 1:1 (and get MD5/SHA-1 checksums with same values)?

Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • word in italic and within quotes are not exact terms, but should help understand the request.