Working with avi file



I at one time had a program that would allow me to edit an avi file. I could take a little off the beginning and or take a little off the end.
The best part of the program would allow me to copy a part of the file. I have some educational woodworking files that has many different lessons and with this program I could pick a lesson, copy it and make it into a file of its own. It didn’t hurt the original.
I have had a computer crash and lost the program. Can’t remember the name. AVS has a program called Video Converter and it looks something like that but thats not it. This program I had was very easy to use. It had a timeline at the bottom and did have two windows that showed the start and finish picture. All you did was set the start timeline you want to copy, set the end timeline where you want it to stop and then copy. The two windows showed the picture of the frame where you start and the second window showed the frame you stopped at. Pretty easy.
Does this ring a bell to anyone.
I have searched the internet for two days with no luck.


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Maybe you are referring to VirtualDub :slight_smile:


You can go to and look through all the editing tools available and see if you can find the one you are thinking of…