Working with Audio/Video_TS files

I’m editing videos using AVS4 Video Editor 6 on an XP program. When I set up video output for NTSC MPEG-2, movie is burned to dvd. However the computer at the tv station that is going to air the dvd sends this message: “Not a valid DVD volume”. Won’t play. I notice that when I burn the dvd, a file is left on my computer that contains: Audio_TS & Video_TS. Is that the file the tv station needs? If so, how do I access or burn that to dvd?

With it play on your dvd player?
Will it play on your computer?

Audio_TS are files that are on dvd so that part is correct.

Now what the station needs to play the file is anyone’s guess.
You could use your prog. and select output as .MPG.

My guess is the computer at station doesn’t have a media player that handles dvd video.
Yet I suppose even windows media player will play a dvd disc…if one knows how to cue it up.
So perhaps you need to know what video programs are available on the computer at the station.

It also is possible that your video editor/converter is not outputting fully dvd compliant files.
Some converters don’t make fully compliant files…which means the file can play on some computer video software yet will not play on hardware players or other video software progs.

Your dvd video should have two folders, one named Audio_TS (which will be empty), and one called Video_TS. The Video_TS folder should contain .vob, .ifo and .bup files. If this is what you have, you can try running it through a program called FixVTS, which will correct small deviations from dvd compliant specifications if they exist.

Thanks for your quick response. Sorry to get back late. The dvds I make will play on my computer and on others. Haven’t tried a regular player. The tv station uses Corel Video studio and broadcasts in SD (4:3) ((720x480)). * Video disc - NTSC. They also say their files on these disks are VOB files. Not sure what that means since I’m a real amateur. I think you’re right when you say: “It also is possible that your video editor/converter is not outputting fully dvd compliant files.” Just don’t know what to do about it. Wondering if I could turn the Audio_TS & Video_TS file into a dvd.

Thanks! I’ll try that program.