Working Image?



Hi all! I read alot about CD’s protections, creating images, and emulating, because i got PC Game as a present for my friend that lives kinda far away, i needed to make and image file, and send it to him. Thats what i did (Alcohol 120%) CD’s Protection: SafeDisc2.8 (C&C Generals). I made image, sent it, but any time he tries to start installation (It load the CD, and the setup loads too but after entering CD-KEY…) he gets an error.So, is that my fault, that i made BAD image of it or he needs some kinda emulating Program to make it install (hes using D-tools). Thank You!!


Why are sending you image files ? Did you read the rules ?


What profile in Alcohol 120% did you use to make the image?, also what version of Alcohol 120% do you have?

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I dont see a problem with this, if he doesnt play the game himself, there arnt any problems as far as I can see, it just saves phisicly transporting the game a long way.


Hmm, somehow I am not convinced, but anyway…


Im sending those images, BECAUSE i dont want to waste money and time shipping from US to Europe…But any way… im using 1.4.8 version of alcohol…i created img using safedisc option. The thing is that, I INSTALLED that game from images in my PC (bought 2 copies of the game (BestBuy offer 2 for 30$)) and it didn’t get any error, i believe. So im still confused about that, cause most of the people having problems with backups, cant even load the CD…Any suggestions??


Have you tried upgrading to the latest version of Alcohol 120%,
Then make the image on the “SafeDisc 2/3” profile, at 4x read speed.

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By the way, the error he gets is “error 1610, The configuration data for this product is corrupt”


sounds like the transfer didnt go well, what did you use to send it to him?


i just hosted a http server on my PC, my friend used Opera web browser to download…