Working copy of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Has someone already tried and succeeded in creating a working copy of Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?
Well, okay perhaps ‘working copy’ is the wrong expression. As far as I know it’s protected with Starforce and I know that working copies of Starforce protected games aren’t possible so far. I want to know if someone was able to read the DPM-info successfully. I already tried to read them via Alc120 but either my drive is too bad in creating DPM (it’s the LG GSA-4040b) or Starforce blocks reading the DPM since it’s latest versions, because after reading for about half an hour the drive stops the readout at about 33% and says that the DPM can’t be read.
So if somebody was able to read the info (I’m own the German release by the way, although all versions of the game are probably the same because all languages are included in the German version), could you be so kind to send the DPM file over to me? Thank you very much!

What does the DPM file allow you to do with Starforce protected games? I thought it was only needed for securom protection? :confused:

In most cases you can play Starforce protected games if you disable all your IDE CD- and DVD-drives (this works via Starforce Nightmare) and then mount an image of the game you want to play with extremely exact DPM-readout. Although the DPM file of a Starforce protected game seems to have not a single peak it usually works. Until now some new versions of Starforce have appeared, that can’t be played using this method (for example the latest version 1.6.5 of ‘The Fall: Last Days of Gaia’ or the German version of ‘Scrapland’). In any case it’s worth a try, so that’s exactly what I plan to do!

Can someone write up a tutorial on how to back up Splinter Cell CT?

I tried it already and it doesn’t work. I was able to create a complete DPM at High Precision and 1x using my NEC ND-3520A. The game will install from the backed up DVD or image, but it won’t allow you to authenticate the CD-key or start the game.

To disable my 2nd channel, CD-ROMs, and the node, I used the latest version of SFN, which is v1.12.

Annoying as it is, I’m playing this cool game with my original.

  1. Select a good dvd-reader like toshiba sdm-1612/1712
  2. Use last alcohol 120%+profile SF3 with DPM in high precission
  3. Configure starfucker (SF nighmare do not work for me most of the times) for sf and thats all.

NOTE: It is very important to use a good dvd-reader and help it using “advanced MDS editor” to correct the graph to avoid possible authenticate problems with cd-key.


Taken from another forum I havent tried it because I dont have a usb drive if anybody has please try and post results.

*This is not a Fake, it really works I have tried it with Silent Hunter 3 v1.1 and DTM Race Driver 2 DVD 1.2 both backups works like the original.

  1. Install the newest Version of Alcohol 120% (1.9.5 2722)

  2. You will need a exact DPM of the original DVD / CD in order to get this you have to uninstall the StarForce 3 drivers and do a reboot. After doing this you have to make an image of the original disc with DPM use precision “High” and Speed 1x for the DPM - don’t do anything other at the PC while Alcohol 120% gets the DPM. Alternatively you can make an image without DPM and afterward replace your .MDS with one working from the Internet, in this case no uninstalling of the StarForce 3 drivers is required.

Here are two .MDS files I made, they are working perfectly:

DTM Race Driver 2 European DVD:

Silent Hunter 3 EMEA DVD:

  1. Burn a CD/DVD using Alcohol 120% and activate the option “Write RMPS to the media”

  2. Activate the RMPS Emulation function of Alcohol 120% or DT

  3. Disable all IDE CD/DVD Rom devices and insert your backup into a USB 2.0 CD/DVD drive, it will work like the original disc

If you don’t have a USB 2.0 drive or if you don’t want to disable your IDE drive the best solution is to use such coverters ( to connect all your IDE CD/DVD drives through USB 2.0 so you can run you SF 3 backup from all your drives without disableing IDE drives.

This is the only working solution at the moment, if this is to expensive / complex in your oppinion you have to play with your original discs and wait for another solution.

Have Fun!!!

*orignal post by karlmueller[/SIZE]

Can you make a Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory MDS file, or will the ones you provided work?

This is the only working solution at the moment, if this is to expensive / complex in your oppinion you have to play with your original discs and wait for another solution.

Will there EVER be another solution?

And ive lookd on how to un-install the SF drivers but they have changed the names around, how do I un-install them?

doesn’t the starforce removal tool ( ) work any more?

Heres a link to splinter cell chaos theory mds

@sgtshaft Is this the UK or US mds? Thanks!

European Version.

Just to tell u merther this method works perfectly i bought an ide to usb dongle and I backed up splinter cell 3/silent hunter 3/Toca 2 and all ran flawlessly with the backups made with alcohol :bigsmile:

Thats really great to hear :D!!!

This may seem like a dum fuck kinda question, but the statement on your method
'3. Burn a CD/DVD using Alcohol 120% and activate the option “Write RMPS to the media” ’
Does this mean any old cd/dvd or the game dvd?

Ok, ive got a copy of SC:CT, but when i run it, all that comes up is this.

Ive done everything in the method, except that i havent physically disabled the optical ide drive, ive disabled the secondary IDE channel, is that enough/correct?

Im really stressed out!!lol:)

Are you using a usb 2.0 device? If you are not it will not work, it does not work in any ide devices unless you have them pluged into a usb 2.0 port.

I got my backups working through a ide to usb cable, and you have to either disable all ide drives in the bios or physically remove the ide cable from your optical drives.

I just pulled the power socket out, is that enough? Im using a Lite-ON 16x DVD Rom drive to play it through, also using a IDE to USB 2 kit.

It’s possible install the game without a USB2.o CD/DVD reader? It is possible install from a HDD SATA with disables IDE?

Is my Lite-On SOHW 832 able to run\burn a DVD with RMPS emulation?


have used starfuck v0.82 beta and pushed buttons patch blacklist and disable cdroms and thats also working for me , no pulling cables