Working around cd copy protection

Hello all!

As the post will clearly state, I’m a newbie, and this is my first post, so if my question has been answered elsewhere, and it’s a “duh” question, I humbly apologise. If you can point me in the right direction to find the information I seek, I’d appreciate it.

I purchased a US copy of “We Invented The Remix” by P. Diddy (the “clean” version, no profanities). It is clearly marked at "not playable in CD Rom drives, which means it’s intended to be non-rippable, and so far, that’s proven to be true for me.

How do I work around this, and extract this to my harddrive?

Thank you


trial-and-error. you have to be one of the lucky few people who owns a cd-rom drive that reads music copy-protection. most of these drives are older (MUCH older, 5 yrs +), and i’ve heard SOME plextors can do it, but definitely not all. besides that, you could try hooking up an audio cable from your cd player to your sound card. Digital input/output is great, if you have it on your sound card and cd player, but analog is alright too, at least in my experience copying a badly damaged cd that my cdrom couldn’t play but my cdplayer could.

oh yeah, i forgot, the old marker/post-it note trick. basically, you violate the DMCA with a tool for the circumvention of copy protection (a.k.a. a sharpie marker) to block the copy protection sectors of the disc, allowing your cdrom to read it. however, the copy protection companies say that this is no longer possible on newer versions of their protection

finally, try Kazaa lite (not Kazaa, search for it on google with the “lite”). I just searched for “we invented the remix” and it turned up 142 files. don’t know if any of them are clean though :wink:
always scan files on p2p with a virus scanner

read about the markers here:

and old hardware here:

a list of compatibble players can be found here (scroll down):

You can try ExactAudioCopy to back things up.

Use our search for more information on various copy protections and the use of ExactAudioCopy (EAC)