WordPress 3.1 categories “Error 404 Not Found” issue & fix

As some may have noticed a few weeks ago, the categories drop-down menu links and certain links throughout this website including tags stopped working, all giving an “Error 404 – Not found” issue.  From some quick tests in the control panel, this issue only occurred when I enabled custom permalinks for blog posts. 

After some research into this issue, it turned out to be a fairly widespread issue when it comes to upgrading to WordPress version 3.1 and still persists in version 3.1.2.  Unfortunately, by the time I noticed this issue, I had already had several new stories published, so restoring a backup from before the upgrade was not really an option.

Eventually I landed on this fix over at WP Code Snippets.  For those run their own WordPress blog and ran into this issue, the fix can either be applied as a WordPress plug-in or by adding two snippets of code to the current theme’s functions.php file (after the line “<?php”).  This blog is currently using the functions.php code additions, as the plug-in was not available at the time.

As far as I can tell, the majority of links including all the category links are working again on this website.  If anyone finds any broken links, I would really appreciate if they could send me the article/page link containing the broken link or reply to that article/page with a comment.

I would like to give a big Thank You to Luke America over at WP Code Snippets for making this fix.