WordPad and MS Paint as Music - Just Awesome!

Anyone here ever hear of this? Care to explain it further? I’d love to know how to do it:



Sheesh, it gets even weirder!:

I must find out how to do that.:bigsmile:


It’s easy just open the file in Audacity .
File/Import/Raw data . You might have to play around with which Raw data to use.
Most of the files are just static .
I tried the shell.dll they used.
I copied & pasted it. As I didn’t want to mess up the real one.
The cut out a lot of the static . I just listened but it did have the “music” part.
The image in the first link was just created with MS Paint. no big deal doing that.
I guess the text in the video was created with WordPad. no big deal doing that either.