WOPC or not WOPC?



I have noticed something about my BenQ 1620:

When WOPC is enabled, 8X burned DVD+R (my Mitsui MAM 002) seem to be have some “circles” on the burned surface ; it means that the burn was wrong, like oldest CD burners with first generation of CD-R…

When WOPC is disabled, these “circles” disappear, and the burning seems to be good! The burned surface appears like burned DVD+RW surface, so perfect! lol :slight_smile:

So I conclued that WOPC is sh**! :bigsmile:


I’m sure WOPC was implemented for a good reason and I think WOPC (in general) improves burn quality, especially on low quality media.

Disabling WOPC is always a risk you take and sometimes this can also result in a coaster.
Always run a transfer rate test and quality check on your disc when you burn with WOPC disabled.



Strange enough, in my feedback discussions with the BenQ engineering people, they say that disabling WOPC may actually help users in burning low quality media and that feature was meant for the China market where low quality media is aplenty.

Erm, that is what I thought I heard anyway so YMMV.



MacClipper, my comment was mainly based on my own experience… :wink:

I’m sure you have better information regarding this function then the rest of us, lol.


My initial reaction and feeling about deactivating WOPC was similar to yours so I just had to ask them why this apparently “useless” feature was included in QSuite. Well, now we know better.

Apparently, some low quality Chinese media won’t even begin to burn unless WOPC is turned off.


Anyone is brave enough, or rich enough, and tried burning DL with WOPC disabled?


I think WOPC algorythm is not appropriate with all DVDR medias…
So I think WOPC will function correctly for some DVDR medias, and not correctly for some others brands.

All I can say is that my Mitsui DVD+R burning is perfect (it seems to be lossless), because there is no “circle” due to WOPC. Look at the burning surface of your DVDRs and you will see that the burning is not regular. And take a look to your burned DVD+RW and you will see that the burning is completely regular, without “circle”.

-> @ ala42 :
Is it possible with MediaCodeSpeedEdit to replace a DVD+R writing strategy with a DVD+RW writing strategy? Because the last one seems to be more “stable” and correct than the first one… It’s my mind!


Okay here is an other example with WOPC disabled. CMC MAG E01 written at 4x. Burned testimage of my movie (Troy). None of my standalones nor my DVDRW drives are able to play the movie past chapter 20 (44).
Burns nice with WOPC on at 12x.