WOPC off?



I’ve noticed there are speed drops during a burn with WOPC off when burning on a 1640. Is that normal? I thought WOPC would mean it would just burn with a straight line graph in CD Speed and it’s at your own risk as to whether the media can handle it or not.


The 1620 seems to commonly drop speed at the same point at 12x looking at a few graphs from 1620’s with WOPC disabled. The 1640 seems to vary from graph to graph. Some burn through with a speed drop 2/3rds through while others keep dropping at several points through the burn but still with the characteristic speed drop 2/3rds through the burn.


Yes, currently that’s normal. On BenQ 1620, there will be only one speed drop (both +R and -R) while on BenQ 1640 on DVD-Rs still many speed drops.




the speed drops are caused by SolidBurn. If you turn WOPC and SolidBurn off, you won’t get those speed drops. At least, that’s my experience.


Yes but you cannot turn off SolidBurn while overspeed is on unlike with the 1620 where SolidBurn does not exist at all and overspeeding with WOPC off is possible.


Not sure about the Solid burn thing, Tried TYG03 here with Overspeed/Solidburn and WOPC diasbled and still got the recalibration points/speed drops. Very strange that it will work with +R and not -R… Guess its actually written into the firmware.:slight_smile: