WOPC disabling...who needs it and why?



who needs it and why??..do you think its useful?

would you disable it?..

leave it

not sure


Leave it on, Quality comes first before speed :iagree:


I agree with Dee.


but if you do a qscan and it says ok to write at 16x would you disable it??..taking into account the FE/TE values are below that threshhold line??

like this below


I beleive AOPC also does “on the fly laser/optics adjustments”


saving 15 seconds … is it worth it for quality?

better yet :gaining 15 seconds by disabling WOPC , losing 5 minutes by scaning the disk to see if it still works, somebody should do the math:)


but if you know the quality of media is good why not??..


i know…qscan takes about 5 mins…and burning w/o WOPC may take less than 6 mins…so in terms of time spent deciding you guys would still leave WOPC on…??..


I do have to reiterate my statement : Benq 1620 has become boringly perfect. Maybe they will come up with some new (Allready promissed) utility software to keep up the fans mood . If not we will still be bickering about what media has 99 or 97 quality or how to gain 5 seconds


WOPC in the Benq also governs important parts of the write strategies. In fact, some of the write strateties turn off WOPC. Personally, I would not want to manually override the WOPC setting for a disc that relies on it for the write strategy to work correctly. No way! Heck no! Leave WOPC turned on! (for me).

I actually use and rely on my BenQ 1620. Now, if it were just a toy, I could understand fiddling with the WOPC. Since I want my discs to actually play back on a set-top player, I need that WOPC to do its job of insuring good play-ability of the written disc.


hmmm…fair enough…each has its OPV…

good to hear feedbacks…

for me…its just a good to have item/utility…but it could also be a “dangerous tool” for those noobs…claiming the drive produces coaster…


Exactly, i think noobs would just burn without AOPC to get a faster burn, then complain it wasn’t good.


Well it helps the quality and if the engineers who design these drives for years and years think it should be there I d agree with that.




actually true noobs probably couldn’t tell what WOPC is (vs passive OPC) or how to deactivate it in the 1st place. IIRC, the LG GSA-4163 lacks any active/walking OPC but it burns beautifully too. OTOH, I would agree with you and leave WOPC on too cos I value quality over speed.

But if you are after record times on good media, deactivating WOPC on the DW1620 can give you fantastic times (up to ~30s faster) WITH nice scans as well. Heheh, I think eventually, it is just an added feature to play with which I wouldn’t use on a day to day basis.


I voted for not sure because I don’t know what the next utility will be up to before trying it.

  • disabling WOPC and creating a mess in all existing strategies ?

  • disabling it for specific media ?

  • instant on and off toggle ?

  • influence on read speed ?

So I’ll certainaly give it a try and be watching results from the group.


Thats not much faster.


What I would like to see is shorter lead-in and lead-out times…


WOPC r0x0rs.
Saved one of my MCC03RG20 discs from becoming a coaster.
End result = slower burn, excellent quality burn.


There’s no point having faster burns if the quality suffers. The disc has to be readable above everything else - otherwise there was no benefit in the faster burn, and you’ll waste more time (and a disc) burning it over again.