WOPC Always off?



Has anyone made a program or anything to keep WOPC off all the time??

I don’t use with my TYG02’s and MCC004’s.


Quikee was going to modify his WOPC tool to accept a command line so it could be turned off at startup but he never got around to it. If you have an external case, it will stay off until you unplug it.


Still no option?


I’m assuming it has turned out better for TYG02 when you turn it off. I am always on the lookout for another TYG02 burner. Do you have any Liteon scans?


But there is stil no option?


doesnt it stay off all the time when u set it in qsuite?


Just until you reboot, then it resets to WOPC ON>


:eek: oh. lucky for me i prefer it on.