i 've got a liteon ldw-411s from my friend my friend who tried to upgrade it’s firmware to a sony dru 700a. now it wont burn squat . how can i revert to the original firmware? p.s he was about to fix it with a sledge.

Let’s get this straight - your friend performed a firmware upgrade to a Liteon drive, using a Sony firmware upgrade executable? No wonder it’s dead! Firmware upgrades are brand/model-specific (didn’t you know that??). As far as i’m aware a firmware upgrade can’t be reversed, least of all on an incompatible device.

That was about the most stooooopidest thing that someone could have done let alone that I have heard in a very long time. What I am wondering is how the Sony firmware would have allowed the upgrade to start in the first place seeing that there wasn’t a compatable device in the system, though I could be completely wrong since I have never had a Sony drive hence, I haven’t a clue on the upgrade process. I have a Lite-On myself.

I am quite curious about what made your friend think that these two drives and their firmware were compatable? Did you read somewhere that this is a possibility?


if the drive is still recognized under windows, you could download: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/411S.FS0F-FS0H-FS0J-FS0K.patched-rs.rar and run one of the executeables and restore your drive, Liteon’s can be pretting forgiving.

If it is dead, you may need to go into dos and use MTK Flash, I have never done this so you will have to search for guides and instructions…good luck!