Im on 266 of 283 :slight_smile:
Dont laugh :frowning:

Doesn’t matter! It’s just like you say: Together we can beat it

Why does the dos ver go faster?

u mean the dos client?

faster pc? :slight_smile: More idle CPU?

well now i benchmarked it…
It turnes out dos is slower… How can that be?

perhaps windows has a better memory/cpu allocation?

if dos would be better/faster, why would anyone use windows?

Not in All progs but in distribute.net client

Yes I understand but d.net client uses your idle CPU so perhaps windows has better allocation or something… hell I really don’t know :slight_smile:

however sounds strange because windows needs a lot more memory to run :slight_smile:

Well i run with maximum priority. Yeah…
Agood feature would be that it loads X blocks to it’s memory and when it have finished X blocks then it saves to the hard drive… that would make it cheaper for lots of people and it would make less sound, because you could turn off your harddrive.

Sorry if I don’t understand it exactly, but if u run the client your harddisk is running too???

My HD goes in stand-bye and the client keeps running…
and 2 give a higher prio 2 the client won’t help. It uses only the Idle-time…only thing that works 2 speed up is to run as less programs as possible… :slight_smile:

Look, the process of the client is this, i belive

*loads 1 block from HD
** works with that block
***saves the finished block to HD

my idea was that if X is 25 then:

*loads 25blocks from HD
**works with every block, and saves the finished ones to the ram NOT the HD
*** after all of the 25 blocks are done it loads 25 more from the HD and saves the finished blocks to HD

the text is a bit messy but try to understand, would you ?

Originally posted by MP|3
perhaps windows has a better memory/cpu allocation?

naaaaaaaaaaah :wink:

if dos would be better/faster, why would anyone use windows?

good question? wtf use windoze? when you can get linux or beos or even dos :wink:

or the make it ironic:

if windows would be better/faster, why would anyone use *nix?

aha I get the problem, but i think it’s not very smart if you can set a buffer in youre memory to allot of units…
IF you’re system hangs/crashes/BSOD’s then you’re cows will all be flushed through the toilet cause nottin was saved on disk! :frowning:

yeah, but how often does that happen when you’re not using the computer?

hmmmm that’s true…you R right! :smiley: So there isn’t an option 2 enlarge the blocks or something? overwrite the max settings?

No dont think so. max is 2^33