Woohoo (98% quality score)

my first 98% :smiley:

PIEs are a little high at teh end, oh well :rolleyes:

Great burn!! :clap: :clap:

Beautiful burn!! Love those PIFs (or lack thereof) :bigsmile: :clap:

thanks :flower: I was quite supprised when I saw this result as the past 5 or so with this batch # have been mediocre at best, the worst one had 900 PIFs on a 2400MB burn :eek:

EDIT: I forgot to mention, these are hub printables from shop4tech

can you rescan the disc @8x please? 8x is the forum standard for newer drives.
4x is the standard speed for older drives up to the 1653S.

There will be no jitter shown if you scan at above 4x however, and the jitter in the scan above is excellent. :slight_smile:

i know, but i wanna see the PIFs^^

PIE is poor but great PIF and probably the lowest jitter I’ve noticed with the Liteon/CD-DVD Speed combination so that’s another nice sign. I’d trade in lower PIE for another 100 PIF myself :p.

sorry chok0, but I don’t have this disk anymore, unfortunately my standalone has a weak laser and wont play yudens without skipping, so they have become my data backup and handout disks :sad:

I just burnt another, and it came out without the PIE moutain at the end, so I scaned it @4x with jitter and @8x without jitter, looks like the two speeds are fairly consistant :iagree:

wow, nice scans.

Mmmm, again very nice! My luck with printables (MCC and TY) isn’t as good as yours :smiley: