Woohoo! 12x dvd-ram drives are here but where's the media?

so finally 12x dvd-ram drives are finally here in the US care of the Samsung SH-S182D (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16827151133) but where can i @#$$# find 12x dvd-ram media???

In Japan…

LG GSA-H30N & GSA-H10L are also going to support 12x DVD-RAM.

I’m also still waiting to get a new PC Drive but wondering if it’s worth waiting to see if DVD+RW exceeds 8x and DVD-RW exceeds 6x? Or will I be waiting for ever.

When will Panasonic etc add 12x DVD-RAM support to their DVD Recorders?

Will the 12x DVD-RAM be available in Caddies as well?

Caddies, or cartridges are very unpopular among optical disc users because of high cost. Even without cartridges, cost advantages for DVD recordables are getting smaller each day compared to HDDs and flash memory.

doesn’t the GSA H10N already support the 12x DVD-RAM?