Won't you please, please help me



Hello, I have a problem, and not sure whether or not this is the right section, but o well…

My iTunes won’t let me import (is that the right word?) songs from my CD.

I ran CD diagnotosis, and it said this:

“Check the website of your computer or drive manufacturer to verify that you have the latest firmware for your CD / DVD drive.”

Any ideas? Cheers.


Try ripping the CD with Windows Media Player, or any other software, into a folder, then import the music from that folder to iTunes…

Dont import straight from the CD - I dont have much experience with iTunes but that might be the problem.


I’ve tried that, but it’s the wrong type of files.


What type of file do you rip from the cd?


They’re WMA files.


Is it only this CD? Maybe its got anti-rip on it lol.

I have no idea… does the WMA file play and get imported into Windows Media Player’s Library??

Do you have the full iTunes, or has your expirary ran out? (download a trial)


No, it’s all CDs I’ve tried, two Pink Floyd albums and The Strokes: Is This It.

Yeah I have iTunes 4.9, and the WMA files can’t be transferred to it.


O, I dont know. I have no idea… maybe convert the WMA files to MP3 then import? Is this the first time you’ve used iTunes? Maybe you dont have Window 2000 or higher.

Maybe im wrong.

Sorry I have no idea… I hope i’m some help lol!


No, becaues I had already 330 songs from existing albums on there before the problem started.


Did you update your firmware, iTunes software or Microsoft Windows Update recently?


Oh geez, iTunes is free and ripping to WMA and converting to mp3 is pretty much the worst idea ever if you care about sound quality at all.

Give it a go with the gold standard of ripping programs, Exact Audio Copy, and see how that works out for ya.


Hi M D .
Seems that i have the same problem as u…i Tunes wont recognise any of my CD collection. iTunes shows importing but then shows the download comp[lete within say…10 seconds…wont play on computer or iPod. Have u had any success>