Won't take serial number

I have nero for windows (came with my cd burner)
but the linux version won’t take the serial
when I went to nero’s site the keys all started with 15xx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (for Nero 5)
mine starts with 1700
are they just not supporting bundled nero ???

You need a retail license for it :frowning: OEM not working

NeroLINUX is a Nero 6 based product. It is then normal that your Nero 5 serial number does not work. You can order a NeroLINUX specific serial number on www.nero.com.

Will a Version 6 OEM product number work ? Just that this is complete and clear.

oh my bad
maybe they should have the version info you need on the download page
or in the pdf

No, except if you have NeroLINUX that is included in you OEM package. If this is the case, the OEM serial will work.

Alright. Thanks :slight_smile: