Won't stop burning! WTF!

First off, I have a 40125s that I OCed to a 48125w. It’s been working fine until a couple days ago. Once in a while when I try burning a CD, it just won’t stop. When it gets the the end of what I’m trying to burn, the red light will turn orange for a second and go right back to red. I have to restart my computer to get it to stop. I always simulate before burning so luckily I haven’t wasted a bunch of discs. I’m using Nero and my discs are 48x TDKs (CMC). Could either of those be causing the problem are do you think there is something wrong with the burner? It’s been getting worse lately.
I would appreciate any help.

Re-install Nero and/or update.

Yes, Nero made me the same thing some days ago 2-3 times when burning a CUE, but luckily the discs I’ve made were fully readable. The problem is that after these 2-3 times my writer refused to write discs and I had to shut down the power of my computer (not just reset!!) in order to make my burner able to record again. Very strange thing! Anyway, from that time I use Alcohol 120% to record CUE files and it’s perfect, so I think I’ll keep using it for now :smiley:

Did you try to overburn? My Liteon (40x @ 48x) takes a really long time to finish a overburned disc that just fits. If the disc is too large, it won’t stop burning and I have to reboot.

I think the infamous Nero “hang” at the lead-out occurs for different people at different times. We’ve seen it reported with 2-burner burns too. But it is certainly a Nero problem.

yep, I had it on my LiteON 40125S@48125W. A nero re-install fixed it right quick.

Thanks for your help guys. I downloaded the newest version of Nero. Do you recommend a complete reinstall or can I just install right on top of the old version?

complete re-install. Remove the existing one, re-install the one that came with your drive, and then the update.

It did it again!! This time with CloneCD (Version! I’m starting to doubt that it’s software related. I flashed it back to a 40125S for now. It seems to work ok. But I would still like to know what’s going on. Is it possible to flash a drive too many times? I’ve done it quite a bit.

actually, I seem to remember this happening when I flashed my drive originally using either VS02 or VS04. I am using VS08 now and I have burned about 40 CDs with it using VS08 and they work just fine.

another tought that just occured to me; is it possible that after flashing the drive, the aspi drivers might need to be re-loaded?

Yeah i get the exact same thing
Goes orange for a sec, then red
I can tell its screwed up, so i just reset the PC. When i look at it, the CD appears like some giant Lead In or something. (appears “messy” like, when null data is written)
Im not sure how to fix it, but havent updated Nero yet, should do that
lost a few Cds, pisses me off…