Wont start burning audio CD

Using CDBurnerXp and my pioneer dvr-112D OEM wont burn audio cd’s

everytime i try to burn it it says

“Error while writing Audio CD: Error during power collaboration. Can’t fulfil writing on this disc!”

any ideas?

What brand of discs are you using?


well currently these random no names. However i’ve used them before with no problems. I highly doubt all of a sudden i get a batch of 12 duds.

You’d be surprised. With “no-name” media, quality Varies so you never know what you’ll get from batch to batch.

However, we’ll see what other members come up with…but I’d try some known good media such as Verbatim, myself. :slight_smile:

Have to agree with Arachne on this 100%, sure sounds like junk media to me

this is the CDr Information from DVDinforPro

                            Media Information                            
Format Capacity                                                Blank Disc
Free Blocks                                                     736958464
Free Capacity                                          702.82MB(736.96MB)
Media Type                                                           CD-R
ATIP Start Time of Lead In (Media Code)                         97m15s17f
ATIP Last Possible Start Time of Lead Out                       79m59s70f
Manufacturer Name                                               Ritek Co.
HD-BURN Certified                                                     YES
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV 32.0x   4800KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV 24.0x   3600KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV 16.0x   2400KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV 10.0x   1500KBps
Available Write Descriptor                           CLV  4.0x    600KBps

Ritek, argh.

Use Verbatim media.

There is also a known issue with many 112D’s that fail with CDR’s,even with TY media, I had to get a new one.

ya eh… shoot i better get this tested before my warranty goes out