Wont show files for multisession?

when i start a multisession disc and burn files, the files wont show when i insert the same disc into my optorite dd0401 or my Aopen CRW4048. my only two options are “start multisession” and “no multisession”. the crazy part is when i insert the same disc into my dads model t computer with a teac cd-w54e 4x it shows the files and allows the option for me to continue the multisession. what settings to i have to change? or what could possibly be wrong? both of my drives support cd-r multisession.

both systems have xp pro 5.1

nevermind… i figured it out

I am now developing the same problem - what was your solution??

I, too, have the same problem. Please post how you fixed it.

if your using nero burning rom, dont use the wizard just start from the file menu and start a new disc. it will ask you if you want to start a new multi session or continue one. choose continue and thats it.

good luck

Got it. Thank you for the reply.