Won't recognize media as writeable?

Howdy, I’m Jim. Go easy on me I’m new here.

This problem makes no sense to me. One day Nero 5.5 kept telling me to insert a “recordable media” . Well it was . I tried many different brands with the same result. I went to my other computer and there was no problem with the media.

I have tried everything. Orig Sony burner swapped out with a new Verbatim. Nero removed and tried Adaptec, MusicMatch and Acoustima. Two different burners and four softwares and the same problem. Everytime it will not start the burn because it tells me that the media I inserted is not recordable type.

I also replaced the IDE cable.

It’s gets weirder… I can play a CD with MP3s on it, but not a regular store bought music CD. It runs, but no sound.

I can also installed a program from the burners and access files on media inserted in them.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to this. It was fine a few weeks ago…and now I’m frustrated…because I’ve tried everything I can think of.

Thanks for any suggestions…Jim:bow: :bow:

well from the not playing audio cd’s: When you put up the new ide cable you disconnected the analoge cable between the cd-rw and the soundcard.
When you play a mp3 cd it’s music is being "translated"by the cpu and soundcard. (This goes through the ide cable) When playing a music cd the music is being translated by the cd rom player (to be precisly: by the digital to analoge converter)

so connect that cable agian and you will have music cd’s played.
For the other question: Could you please give some more info like os, aspi layer, burning progs (version numbers) and types of burners?

When you play a mp3 cd it’s music is being "translated"by the cpu and soundcard.

Well I had a feeling that might be it. Thanks for the info.

I just solved the rest of the problems a few hours ago. All of those strange things had to do with the time I changed the IDE cable. Before all this happened I did put in a new IDE cable on the secondary channel which had the CD-rom & CD burner. I thought perhaps I wasn’t careless when plugging the cable to the motherboard. But since I could access it, I dismissed that as the problem. Then today when I tried to start Nero, it would freeze at the point it was “scanning sczi/Ide bus”. Seeing “IDE” made me think. I didn’t try connecting the CDRW to the other IDE channel.

Well that was the problem. Everything was fine when I switched it. And the hard drive works fine on the other channel. I would love to eventually find out why that would be. Same cable but I had to switch IDE channels
Thanks again…Jim