Wont recognize DVD+R's

hello, i been stressed out for quite a bit, its my DVD Writer not working, i never used it before but now im trying to burn a .AVI file into a DVD+R but all softwares would tell me to insert a disc when the disc is already in it, i even tried to copy it opening the ROM from MY COMPUTER and copy-paste the file but it tells me the same “insert disc”. the ROM works fine, it reads every CD and DVD and plays them no problem. am i using the wrong dics? am i supposed to use DVD+RW’s ? help highly appreciated

Are you converting that .avi file in to a Dvd compliant file before trying to burn it?

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It’s possible that the burner doesn’t recognise the media as the firmware might be too out-of-date.

Try using Nero’s CD-DVD Speed and the disk info tab (with a blank DVD inserted) which will identify both the burner , firmware version & media ID so we can help further.

If the burner is really old if might only handle DVD-R discs.