Won't recognize AVI

Today I am using ConvertXToDVD for the first time. When I reach the “Convert” stage, I get a rejection of my avi. I am using Canopus DVrexRT and have saved the files to my desktop. I have checked codecs with Gspot. all seems well. no problem with mpgs, but error message says there is no readable avi file. What to do? I am very peeved right now. Please advise.


have you tired with the latest version of ConvertXtoDVD? What other formats can you save in with your Canopus DVrexRT? For more help please post your log file here. YOu can find the log here C:\Documents and Settings[your name]\Application Data\Vso

An mpeg file is no avi file, that simply.

How about posting your GSPOT screen shot here, and we can take a look…