Won't recognise blank DVD - thanks :)

Hello all, I am new to this and I’ve been trawling around this great site/community for a couple of days. I haven’t found the answer to this question yet though:

I downloaded CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD
I have a DVD/CD-RW drive, brand: NEC DVD+RW, ND-5100A
Windows XP Home

When I go to write to the DVD, CloneDVD2 asks me to :
“Please insert a recordable DVD into drive D.” - ie my drive will not read that the DVD-R that I insert is blank.

I looked in MS help, and unchecked the “enable CD recording on this device”

After this, I still got the same error message on CloneDVD2. Restarted computer etc. If I go into windows explorer, and click on the drive when I’ve disabled the CD recording, it asks me to “Please insert a disc into drive D”.

My computer/drive whatever won’t recognise that the DVD is blank.

I would so appreciate any help at all. I love the look of these products and I’d love to get them to work.

Thank you.

Which CloneDVD Version?
Any “Alien” IDE Busmaster drivers?
What exactly are you putting in your drive? (Manufacturer, Name of empty disc)

You may want to check this link out first.


Hope it’s not the problem in your case but it does look very similar.

Thank you Olli and Cliffyboy…

Olli, it’s version, and looking at what I was putting in my drive was the answer - I feel quite stupid - had a -R instead of +R disc.

Cliffyboy, thanks for the link. I had found that and was hoping it wasn’t anything that drastic, but thanks for the tip!

Thanks again for your time :slight_smile: