Won't read disc's

i cleaned the spindle and lens, retried to read disc. doesn’t read a ram disc or a commercial movie. what can i try next? use dvd recorder to record one show while watching another. if next step doesn’t solve problem, any suggestions for another?
Panasonic dmr-es45v, combo unit with vhs side which i never use.
thanks for your time, chuck

Depending if you want to stick with Panasonic or not I’ll give you a few suggestions.
Staying with Panasonic(basically the only option that will play your unfinalized DVDs or RAM discs) I’d suggest the EZ-28 which has a analog and digital tuner and supports all disc types.
If you didn’t care about your old unfinalized/RAM discs then I’d suggest a Magnavox 2160a only available at WalMart or refurbished ($169) at J&R electronics, when they have them in stock. I think new the 2160a is going for $219. The Maggy has a HDD which is incredibly handy(think of it as a giant RAM disc that stays with the machine). With the Magnavox you record everything to the HDD and if you want to archive to DVD then you do that High Speed and lossless from the HDD.
The definitive thread on the Maggy is here on AVS.

Thanks, I checked J&R, none there. I found a 2060 at Amazon dot com and ordered. Thanks for the help, I was always fast forwarding through commercials and I believe that it simply wore out.
Thanks for the advice