Wont read disc in full disc mode

Hi all, a bit of a strange one here. Am trying to copy a disc my brother made in his Panasonic DVD Recorder with a menu. When I fire up DVDFAB Platinum v3.1.3.2and click on “Full Disc” or “Customise” I get
"Task_1 failed! Error=400(39 4 0 1 1 18 13)
If I try “Clone” or “Main Movie” no probs. I then tried DVD Shrink and Nero v7 copy disc also no problems. Any ideas??

Sounds like the menu structure of the Panasonic is non-standard. Customize/No Menus should also work. Is this a DVD-RW?

Right…this would be my guess as well. Error 400 = general transcoding error, very non-specific. “39” usually represents conflict with the burner.
Since your brother recorded this disc, it’s not copy protected. No need to decrypt. Your best bet is to stick with nero or similar as you’ve already figured out… ;).

signals…tag… :stuck_out_tongue:

No it is a DVD-R.
As a side note everytime I make him a back-up of anything, I have to make it on a DVD-R as that is all that this machine will read.

This is not uncommon. I have a standalone that will only read +R. If he recorded the disc on the Panasonic it is not copy protected so, as my good friend maineman points out, no problem copying with Nero. I would expect the same problem in DVDShrink’s Full Disc backup that you had with DVDFab, but the re-author mode should work there as well. You’ve got lots of options when the disc is not encrypted.:slight_smile:

maineman–you’re it

Hi oogleman,

Please try DVDFab Beta, it should be fixed:


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v3.1.3.5 Beta-fixed problem. Can now copy in all modes.
Now I know why DVDFAB is my “weapon of choice”, excellent back-up from all concerned.
Big thankyou to everyone. :clap: :clap:

Hi oogleman,

I’m glad DVDFab works for you now :slight_smile:

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