Won't read CD-R burned with 40125s

I have a Lite-On 40125s. It can read all cd’s perfectly except cd’s burned with the 40125s. Why?

Do the discs burned with the LTR-40125S work perfect in other readers?

Are you using 40X certified media/high quality media?

Or are you hopefully limiting the recording speed to what your media is certified for?

The discs works perfect in my DVD drive (NEC). Haven’t tested on others. I have only tried with Verbatim discs (1-16X) and I burned with 16 X. Maybe I should try with an other media. What media should I buy?

Are you running windows XP btw?

Prodisc, ritek, mitsui toatsu, taiyo yuden…is good CD-R disc brands for Lite-On.

Yes, I’m running Win XP. I’m also using firmware zs0g…

> Prodisc

I get c2-errors with these.

I think I solved my problem. When I burned a cd in Nero I used the RAW-DAO/96. I tried to use RAW-DAO and then I could read the cd in my writer.
Btw, what’s the difference between these two modes?

RAW-96 also writes the subchannel data, only useful when writing protected stuff.

The nero RAW-DAO 96 mode is still a bit to buggy so I suggest that you do not use it.

I get buffer underrun errors if i overburn in raw-dao-96 with nero…(tested with plextor 24x)