Wont read blanks



Hi i have an Lg 416BB Light Scribe burner and for some reason it wont read blank cds or dvds. It reads onez with info already on them but not blanks. It says E:/ is not accessible. Ive tried different media brands.
Whats going on?


What exactlly are you trying to do? Maybe I understand wrong, but on a hard drive or a flash drive or whatever, there is formating and the drive is infact not ever blank (even from the factory it has some info written on it). A cd or dvd is actually blank (no formatting) so you are not going to be able to read a capacity or anything else like that. Are you able to burn things ok? If so, it sounds normal to me.


ripit is correct you can’t read blank DVDs or CDs. Therefore nothing is going on. Burning software gives you cappacities ofblanks because it already has them as part of the settings.