Wont read blank discs

My computer wont read blank discs, every time I insert one it just says insert readable disc and ejects it, I have installed games with original discs and they work fine, can anyone help me with this as it is driving me nuts. Is there anyway a virus can make it’s way onto the dvd drive as I have crappy Vista and have had emmense trouble finding spyware removal or anything else for that matter to work with Vista. I thought this may have been because of Vista that wouldn’t let me use copied discs however I have tried formatting harddrive and booting from disc with xp copied backup disc and it still wouldn’t read the disc

You could try cleaning the lens.

Hello j,
There are lots of things you can “try”. [ul]
[li]Try unit in another computer.
[/li][li]Try another burner in your computer.
[/li][li]Buy a new burner.
Considering a new unit can be bought for $25 and up, why screw around. Nothing is going to help if the optics went bad.

You don’t have Alcohol installed, do you? If so, there’s a setting that may help in the program.

Edit: just noticed you can’t boot from it either - could be that the CD laser has died.