Won't Read any Software Discs

I was given an NEC ND 2500a to replcae my CD-RW/DVD - ran the fimware. Plays the dvd haven’t tried the burning yet. I had set-up a wireless system and needed to reinstall the software for the router when I place the install disc in it just makes the noise of reading but nothing happens. Checked the settings all looks good. Can’t figure out what is wrong. I have Windows Vista as the OS,. Anyone have this problem?


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

That drive is not exactly a recent piece of hardware, so my guess is that there is some dust on the optical pickup causing difficulties to read discs. To clean it is needed to open the drive and clean lens with a proper detergent (alcohol is fine), but if you don’t want open the drive there are some purposely made cleaning kits available in stores :slight_smile:

Another possibility is that the disc you are trying to read is scratched or dirty, or unreadable for some reason. Can you test these discs in another drive? If no drive can read these discs, then the drive has no problems.

Alternatively, the drive can be damaged, and the only solution is a new drive :frowning: