Won't play divx anymore!

help me! any player i have either gives errors and crashes or gives a gray screen as output everytime i try to play a divx. i have bsplayer (grayscreen), divx player (saxparseException: fatal error @ line 1, char 1), media player (crash… not a new thingy :bigsmile: ), microdvd (crash), tried even powerdvd (crash).
i tried to reinstall divx 5.0.2, but nothing new happened.
what to do? i don’t have more players :wink:

Had a problem close to what your getting Recently.
I checked All my Players and found that they All tried to Play the file when ever i opened one.So Made one player Default = Zoom Player Brill.
Hope this Helps.:bigsmile:

i don’t think this is the prob, as it occours also when i open the file from the player itself… will check anyway.

In BSPlayer Options | Preferences | General “Use Overlay” should be checked. Try switching from Mode 1 to Mode 2 or vice versa.

somehow codecs version 3 and 4 got screwed up (again…), so divx version 5 were working, but i didn’t know as they’re not so common around here… i searched for a version 5 and it worked, so i installed video filters (downloaded it because of xvid… i never even thought about installing others…) for version 3 and 4, and now everything works great.
thnx anyway, guys.