Won't Play 5.1?

I have searched for a while and can’t find any threads to address my issue. I am using the latest versions of Clone DVD 2 and Any DVD and burning with a Plextor PX 760A Dual layer burner. I am trying to back up a music video and I believe I have all the right boxes checked off. When I play back the disc and try to play it in the 5.1 mode it has no sound. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

I think that everyone who likes to help you will need some more information.

Are you using your standalone home equipment for playing the backup or are you using your computer with an additional softwareplayer ?

Is it a dts or a DD5.1 stream ?

I am playing back on a LG stand alone player and in the clone skin it says it’s dts. Should that make a difference?

If i am playing a dts-video with my standalone player (pioneer/optical link to 5.1 amplifier) then i have to switch on my amplifier to get sound. There is no sound from the TV speakers. Maybe it’s similar for you.

With DD5.1 i don’t have this behaviour because my dvd-player will make with DD5.1 a 2 channel downmix for the TV.

It does play the stereo through the DVD player but when I play it through the 5.1 amplifier still no sound on the 5.1. if I play through the auto decode. If I switch the amp to surround sound the sound is awfull. I’ll try again.
Thanks for you help 1.Master.

A stupid question only…does your amplifier support dts ?

Yes, I know that all newer amplifier do this. :doh:

Have you tried to play this dvd with a dvd software player ?
This software must support dts too !

And one last question…how behaves the original dvd ?

I forgot one…did you change the audio options in the main menue of the dvd from stereo to dts ?

Great questions and just as I was thinking the same things. I played the original DVD and guess what, no sound on the dts track (even after changing the audio options) so I guess my DVD player does not support it. Bummer eh? I bought this one for many reasons including the fact that it plays re-writable discs every time. Looks like I’ll have to get my old machine out of the closet. At least it looks like there is no problem with Clone DVD 2.
Thanks again 1.Master, your a born detective.

Your receiver/amp has to be able to decode it.

Yep, that is what i meant with my first question about supporting dts. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looks like that it isn’t Slysofts fault this time. :smiley:

…This time???

I never thought it was Slysofts fault. It’s usually my fault. “Pilot Error” sort of thing.

lol …when i wrote it i knew that this question would come :wink:

I think no further discussion about slysoft is needed here :slight_smile: