Won't let me use a certain word!

I was trying to give some advice about changing from Vista to XP in this thread: http://club.cdfreaks.com/f34/vista-xp-276428/

The forum won’t let me use the word d r i v e r or d r i v e r s in that thread. I tried editing it several times, and I finally just had to misspell it to keep it in the sentence. Otherwise, the word just disappeared.

Edit: Doing the same thing here I see.


Maybe the forum’s anti-hijacking list (*) or the (extremely annoying) autolink feature is kicking in when you write driver or drivers?

(*) Or whatever it’s called; the list used to prevent injection of harmful HTML code.

EDIT: It’s the extremely annoying autolink “feature” kicking in. This is far more of a nuisance than it is helpful in my opinion.