Wont let me play copied PC game

I made a back up of “disk 1 installation disk” for battlefield 2 using Nero. there were no errors in the backup process everything went fine :clap: . So i go to install the game using the backed up version of disk 1 and using my original serial code. I put the disk 1 in it installs the files fine then i put disk 2, 3 etc. its installed. Go to play the game it freezes at the begginig :confused: I know my comp can handle this game because it was installed way before then i just uninstalled it.
Any way you could help. appreciated

I tried re in stalling the game it didnt work and i dont want to install the sketchy patches just yet. Mabey when i can get my game to actually work.

The disk is copy protected–Nero isn’t able to copy protected disks. (even though no errors were detected) you need to find another way of backing up it up. (BTW it uses SAFEDISK to protect it as well as the key)

Also try installing with your ORIGINAL (if you actually still have if not you are SOL!) disks, not the copies.

From Tweakguides

"No-CD Patch

Battlefield 2, much like most other modern games, has a copy protection system based on a CD check. While the game also requires that you enter a unique CD key when installing the game, and even though it is actually this CD key which is the key to preventing pirated versions from being able to play online, EA Games still insist on requiring that legitimate BF2 players keep their BF2 CD/DVD in their drives to play the game. I can only say that this is a lame method of protection.

While there are indeed places where you can download a file which allows you to play BF2 without the CD in the drive, I can’t provide you with the details of where (due to legal reasons - so don’t write and ask me for one). More importantly, even if I were to tell you where to download such a ‘No-CD’ patch, it would be pointless to use one, since the Punkbuster cheat detection system in BF2 is likely to see this altered No-CD executable file as a cheat, booting you and eventually banning you permanently from playing BF2 multiplayer. Therefore I strongly recommend that you do not use any forms of No-CDs or other cracks, as this will lead to your unique CD key being banned without any recourse.

Note, I am well aware of other methods of playing BF2 without the CD in the drive, but once again I cannot provide details of these due to legal reasons. It is up to you if you really want to research and find such methods. EA is unlikely to release an official patch for BF2 which removes the CD check so you should put up with the inconvenience of having to keep the CD in your drive, and steer clear of any No-CD patches/cracks/hacks."

Ok thanks yardwaste, i thought nero could copy protected disks i guess i was wrong. And yes i will try to install the game using the original disk to see if it makes a difference. But since nero cant copy protected games what can? Could i copy the game disk with Alcohol 120% (trial version)?


I don’t use Alcohol so I can’t answer that question. I use Game Jackal to run games without the cd/dvd. However, Game Jackal doesn’t work with Star Force so it isn’t the answer to ALL games that are out, it does work with BF2. My disks are put away in a safe place. The main Gamejackal site is down right now. But you can download a 30 trial to see if it’s for you when it comes back up.


I think i have tried Game Jackal before, not with BF2 though. I’ll give it a try when the site is back up. After i try it out and if it works, great, but if it doesnt im all out of ideas, i’ll just have to wait for BF2142 to come out in October. Anyway, i did try doing the emulation process with Alcohol120% it didnt make a difference and i also installed the latest patch for BF2 the 1.3 that didnt help either im really starting to not care about this game. :iagree: Thanks for your help i appreciate it. :bow: PS: I dont think Game Jackal will work with this copy since i did copy it with Nero and Nero cant copy protected games so this copy is basically worthless am i correct?

the first step should be to identify the exact type and version of protection that is on the same using a program like a-ray scanner or ProtectionID to scan the ORIGINAL disc.

after you’ve identified the protection, do a forum search for that protection and you should be able to turn up some helpful methods for backing up discs using that type of protection.

once you find out the protection, it would probably be worthwhile to PM or ask a mod to edit your thread title so it says “trouble backing up XXX game withXXX protection” so people will know what the thread is about.

right now the thread title indicates a playback problem when you really have a backup problem.

i’m not an expert on game backups, but i do know that different protections use different backup methods, and forum members can’t just randomly recommend programs until you’ve identified the protection.

Ok thanks

Nope, you need your original. Your nero copy is a coaster.

Thankyou guys for all your help. I just ended up copying my Original disk with Clone CD which worked awesome and now my game works fine.