Wont finalize birn with nero

Hi i ma trying to burn an audio cd and when it gets to 100% the buffer runs down to 1% or 3% and freezes, then after about 4 mins it says the process had failed. Please help

I have attached the error log

if your burner is connected along with your hard drive on same ide cable thats bad in that case connect it standalone on the other ide channel,the latest firmware for your drive is 1.08 update it might help,im not 100% sure but something tells me the info under “ATIP Data” means your burner dont like the media i suggest youll try another brand i recommend taiyo yuden you can order online from www.rima.com if your from the us,i dont know if its related but worth a shot get the latest nero
http://www.majorgeeks.com/Nero_Burning_Rom_d2228.html , anyway if i were you i would get a better dvd burner 16x max for cdr isnt so great for 48x/52x medias neither does 4x for dvd medias as 8x/4x medias are fading slowly and eventually will be completly replaced with 16x medias