Won't convert FLAC to mp3: Copy protection?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but…

Well this is the first time I’ve run into this.

I tried to rip Phil Collins “…Hits” down to mp3 format through EAC and my LAME 3.97beta encoder would just peter out and show file path names in the Winamp dialog box instead of the ID3tag. The black DOS box as the encoder compresses the tracks that would normally appear, just flashes for a second without encoding anything and then just disappears.

EAC will rip this CD down to FLAC just fine, but when I tried to rip it to mp3 format, it created files that wouldn’t play through either Winamp or Win Media Player (which I rarely use).

I then tried to use dBpowerAMP to encode the FLAC files into mp3, but all that did was create files that were unplayable. I hit the play button in Winamp and nothing happens and the id tag wouldn’t even appear in the Winamp playlist box.

At first I thought my LAME encoder was somehow corrupted but then when I ripped another CD after it, it worked just fine. It seems to be only this particular Phil Collins disc which came out in 1998. There’s no label on the CD saying that it’s copyright protected. What’s going on?

Is there any way around this?


Rip the cd to wav files first then convert to the format you want. If EAC will rip it, it not the protection it’s the encoding process that’s gone wonky. Where it’s gone astray i don’t know, but try Mediacoder I only had to convert flac files once and it did the job. I also used it to convert wavs to mp3s (it uses LAME) and was happy with results. It’s free.