Won't Burn or Write



After trying to copy my DVD, I get an error. At first, it’s fine and I can copy the files of the DVD into a temp file, but trying to burn after results in an immediate error. I’m using a Plextor-708A and Sony DVD-R discs. maybe I need to format the disc? I think the formatting takes place in the program used to burn, but DVD-X Copy Xpress doesn’t seem to have a formatting. Even the FAQ says on simple mode it’s a 1 button deal where I just press go and it does it, no formatting at all. Maybe there is a standard DVD formatting feature in Windows XP? I know in Macs as soon as you insert the disc it asks how you want to format it, so maybe there’s something obvious that I just am not seeing. Can anyone provide any info on this matter?


There is no need to format the disc I’ll bet your problem lies with the fact that you’ve copied said dvd and are trying to burn it to a blank dvd but most commercial dvd’s are DVD-9 meaning that they can contain upto 9 gig of data where as all dvd-rw drives at the moment only support 4.7gig capacity. Check your temp directory to confirm this or the original dvd. Try using DvDShrink to analyze and compress the data on the dvd or just to copy the movie and lose all the extras.
If you need anymore info just ask us.


I am also having a problem with my DVD X Copy xpress, not the RF version. I bought the software yesterday and I also bought the TDK IndoDVD 4X writer. It does both DVD+Rw and DVD-RW. It will copy the program fine and after about 5 minutes of writing it to the disk it spits it out and says that it had a CD write error??? Should I try to DVDshrink mentioned above? If so what does that do? Can it work with my DVD X program? Thanks so much for your help guys. :confused:


Most write errors are from using substandard media (which in my experience is just about all DVD blanks). It could be a shoddy burner but that’s a chicken and egg question.

Try the media that your manufacturer recommends. Or better yet search the forum for media that owners of your drive recommend.