Won't burn music



I have a HP computer. For the past three weeks I have wasted a ton of CD’s trying to burn music on my burner (LITE-ON DVD-RW SOHW-1633S BPSA). I have asked for help from Realplayer, Rhapsody, HP, LITE-ON and can’t get the answer. Why can I record data and videos but not music that I have rights to? I have checked the DRM, I have run tests…but still…no recording of music. Any ideas would be helpful…
I have received no replies in the newbie forum…:frowning:



Please provide more details on your system and software you’re using to burn the disks.

I’m sure someone you help you here.


Winxp, AMB Sempron Processor, what else …512 MB Memory, 160 GB hard drive…what else should I include? I have tried realplayer to burn…Itunes to burn…Rhapsody to burn…Sonic to burn…

It runs to check when I start to burn…stops midway through first song title…ejects the disc…and says disc is dirty (or words to that effect) and I am using sony cd-rs



Aren’t you trying to burn copy protected material?

If so, first you need to decrypt it. To do this try using Alcohol products, available at http://www.alcohol-soft.com. You can download a trial version.

You can try also SlySoftware’s AnyDVD at http://www.slysoft.com, to decrypt the copy protected material. You can download a trial version.

You will need also a good copy program. You can try SlySoftware’s CopyCD at http://www.slysoft.com. You can download a trial version.


I’ll try your tips…even flashed to an upgraded firmware…bought new discs…so I’m getting desparate.


When you say data and video is this on CD or DVD media. The drive uses a different laser for CD writing to DVD writing. You may have a faulty drive. Can you burn a CD-R using Nero CD/DVD Speed create data disc?

You could try the latest Liteon 1653S firmware if you are not worried about voiding your warranty. Backup your existing firmware using LtnFW (so you can flash back if you want to) and then flash to CS0T patch crossflashing on my site.

See if that makes any difference.


I already updated the firmware…didn’t help. I am thinking its the drive now


Try the Nero CD/DVD Speed create data disc. That will tell you if the drive is faulty or not. :wink:


HP is sending me a new drive…


I downloaded Nero…bought registry cleaner when it should an error (DMA driver and CRC error) fixed the registry problems…but am getting the same error messages. Any ideas?